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About us

Mission: Our mission is to promote recovery, wellness and citizenship through advocacy, education and support in Durham, North Carolina.


Vision: We envision a world where recovery thrives in supportive communities and provides innumerable opportunities to heal, grow and be of service to others.

Membership: Membership shall consist of any citizen who supports RCOD’s vision and mission statement; and is included on the RCOD’s volunteer or mailing list.  Anyone in the community who identifies themselves as supporting the RCOD’s vision and mission statements and participates in some way will be included on the lists.

our Board of directors:

Bob Thomas

Chairperson Robert Thomas has worked in behavioral health over 40 years in Boston, Los Angeles and now Durham, N.C. Robert completed his undergraduate degree at Northeastern University in Boston, his graduate degree at California State University and presently works as a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS). “Through years of experience I have recognized that there is a gap between professional substance use treatment and self-help meetings. The Recovery Community of Durham seeks to reach out and support people in long-term recovery, those interested in recovery, friends, family members and allies of those in recovery, with resources, referrals and peer support. We are not affiliated with any particular model of care and embrace all pathways to recovery. I am excited and honored to serve as Chairperson of an organization whose members are drawn from the community, will advocate for the interests of people in recovery and, with the community’s support, bridge a gap in Durham’s recovery-oriented system of care.”

Paula Harrington

Finance Officer Paula Swann Harrington is a woman in long-term recovery who attended Howard University and retired from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Human Resources Facilitator.  She is committed to promoting, advocating, and assisting those who suffer with disabilities associated with substance use disorders.  She has worked for Oxford House, Inc. since 2000 and as Board Member of the Freedom House Recovery Center in Chapel Hill since 2001. Among her most satisfying accomplishments was opening the first two women with children's Oxford Houses and one of the first Oxford Houses for college students.  Paula is a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist (NC-CPSS) and a CCAR Recovery Coach and Recovery Trainer. She is a Certified Navigator for the Affordable Care Act and a faithful church member of St. Paul AME Church where her community efforts are well received and supported. As the Financial Officer and Board Member of the Recovery Community of Durham, she intends to utilize all of her skills, aspirations and life experience to promote the positive message of recovery.

Regina Mays

Regina Mays is a Recovery Coach and Ally for individuals and families seeking recovery. As the child of a father in active addiction, experiencing homelessness and significant turmoil, she has a personal and genuine understanding of addiction as a family disease. Intrinsically she also understood that recovery was not only necessary for her father, but for all family members. Serving others became a central part of her recovery and motivated her to complete Recovery Coach Certification in March of 2017. She has served in various organizations including Sunrise Recovery Resource Center, the Community Empowerment Fund (CEF), and as a recipient and advocate for Families Moving Forward (FMF). She is presently working toward WRAP Facilitator Certification to further enhance her skills. As an RCOD Board Member, Ms. Mays hopes to use her training and life experience to help other individuals and families find their own pathway to long term recovery.

William R. "Randy" Tucker

William R. “Randy” Tucker is a person in long term recovery who has dedicated his life to the service of others. Randy is a devoted husband and parent to three grown sons involved in professional careers.  Randy has volunteered in many organizations and has held service positions in his church and recovery organization.  Randy is an avid soccer player and supports the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams. As a Certified Counselor (CSAC) with over 20 years of counseling experience, Mr. Tucker is also an advocate for the availability of community recovery resources. Since 2001, Mr. Tucker has been the Supervisor of the Substance Treatment And Recidivism Reduction (STARR) program, administered by Criminal Justice Resource Center in conjunction with the Durham County Office of the Sheriff, providing substance use treatment to inmates in the Durham County Detention Facility. My hope is that RCOD will be an advocate, resource, and nurturing environment for people in all stages of recovery.

Tia Mcmillian

Tia McMillan is originally from Plainfield, New Jersey where she studied computerized accounting at Cittone Institute. She is currently the Accounts Payable Manager at TROSA, a nonprofit therapeutic rehab facility located in Durham. Tia joined the TROSA team in 2010 and is also the special events coordinator that is responsible for organizing various activities for the residence, such as the annual softball league and talent show. Prior to joining TROSA, Tia worked at the nonprofit All Kinds of Minds in Durham and the GMAC Office in Winston Salem as the accounts payable coordinator. Outside of work, Tia volunteers with the Freedom Train to relocate rescue animals to various states Tia also enjoys reading and spending time with her dog and family. I chose to volunteer at RCOD because I know firsthand what it looks like to live in the house with addiction. As an ally, volunteering continuously teaches me about people, about compassion, and about myself.  In helping others, I am reminded that we are all in this together and we need to remember to support each other in good times and bad times.  Life has so much to offer if we remember to look beyond ourselves and help others.

Larry McGill

Larry McGill was born and raised in Durham and has worked as a Certified Counselor for the past twenty-four years. He was a stellar baseball player in high school with the dream of becoming a professional until drug use became a way of life. During a period of incarceration, he came to the realization that his recovery could be of service to others. Larry is now a person in long-term recovery and has not used drugs for the past twenty-seven years. He recently received his Graduate Degree in Human Services and is working to become a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist and open a private practice. Larry is an active member of a self-help fellowship and a proud witness to the fact that people can and do recover. As a Board Member of the Recovery Community of Durham, he plans to be of service by lending an authentic voice in determining the services that will support recovery in his home town.

Percy Covington Jr

Born and raised in Durham North Carolina, Percy Covington Jr demonstrated a unique and special talent for music at a very early age. He enrolled in band and would continue to study and play music all the way to N.C. Central University. Percy had his heart set on becoming a classical musician but his dream was shattered by addiction. However, like any good musician, he began to practice recovery every day and he has now been in long-term recovery over 25 years. Percy still loves to play music but he is also completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and presently employed with RI International-Wellness City as a Licensed Peer Support Specialist. Percy is

an active advocate for recovery as he not only “talks the talk, but walks the walk”. As a Board Member for the Recovery Community Of Durham, Percy represents an authenticate and genuine voice advocating for recovery.

Keely Hargraves

Keely Hargraves is a woman in long term recovery with a deep commitment to assisting the underserved community. While employed at UNC Hospital her addiction began to spiral out of control and she was eventually terminated, experiencing significant depression and reaching a low point in her life. Through prayer and support from family and friends, she was able to overcome many obstacles and challenges to achieve twenty-four years in recovery. Keely recently received an Associate Degree in Human Services from Vance Granville Community College and is working to complete Certification as a Peer Support Specialist. As the RCOD Administrative Officer and Board Member, she is honored to be part of an organization that speaks openly about recovery, promote the fact that people can and do recover, supports all pathways to recovery and works to reduce the shame and stigma associated with mental and substance use disorders...

John F. Griffin Jr.

John F. Griffin Jr. is a 36-year-old man in long term recovery. John attended college at Old Dominion University with a Double Major in Music Performance and Education. While in college, he sat principle clarinetist under the direction of Dennis Zeisler. After college, he continued to play professionally with the Virginia Wind Symphony for several years. John currently attends AA, NA, and CMA meetings regularly. John is a member of the H&I committee for Crystal Meth Anonymous, as well as the CMA liaison for the STARR program at the Durham County Detention Facility. John has been a member of Equality VA, as well as an active member in the Durham gay community. John is currently the Director of First Impressions at Brand Fuel in Morrisville NC. As a Board Member of the Recovery Community Of Durham John provides lived experience and a genuine voice advocating for recovery.

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