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Recovery is a process of change through which individuals work to improve their health and well-being, live a self-directed life, strive to achieve their full potential and contribute to one’s family and community as a healthy, productive citizen. Recovery is a reality in the daily lives of millions. Many pathways to recovery exist and can be supported with dignity and respect. Recovery flourishes in supportive communities where recovering people are part of the solution. Recovery provides innumerable opportunities to heal, grow and be of service to others who are seeking support, care and resources.


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Recovery Community of Durham partners with community members through outreach and promotion to reduce the stigma of addiction and recovery. 



Durham Needle Exchange 

J3 Recovery Podcasts

Chris Budnick with Fred Martin of Philly's Recovery Community CenterJ3 Recovery Podcast

“Many of us have carried a message of hope on a one-to-one basis; this new recovery movement calls upon us to carry that message of hope to whole communities and the whole culture. It is time we stepped forward to shape this history with our stories, our time and our talents.”

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